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How it works (Row Boat Company Giveaways)

  • After you make your purchase of $1 or more your entry'(s) will automatically be submitted and recorded into a data base.  
  • After the promotion ends our third party sweepstakes company (Compliance Sweepstakes Services LLC) will randomly select one winner for whichever giveaway was live.  We are LEGALLY bonded by contract to give our sweepstakes to the winner. 
  • Winners will be contacted by both the sweepstakes company as well as Row Boat Company to be congratulated and we will then organize the pick up or delivery with the winner! 

RBC1 (Jeep) Mission

  • A portion of each product sold will be placed in a fund to help support our US Veterans as well as family's of fallen soldiers. (We raised $1,000) Very short of our goals, but every little bit helps 
  • It is a part of our business plan to do unique, creative, fun giveaways and partner each giveaway with a beneficial cause! 

RBC2 & 3

  • RBC 2 is a Honda CRF450R and $1,000 cash.  For a limited time, until we hit 2,000 orders placed on our store your entries will also be used for the next giveaway (RBC3).  RBC3 will go live after we get 2,000 orders.  Customers will then vote to get to choose what we give away!