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About Us


Row Boat Company was founded by Josh Erickson in 2020 as a dream to share his love for water sports and outdoor adventure, as well as a passion for boats and vehicles. Being a man of faith, Josh has a dream to show people that faith and fun go together! Thus, part of the business plan is to do giveaways that bring enjoyment such as jeeps, boats, and more! 

When you purchase a product or a membership from Row Boat Company, you get a great quality product or unique benefits with our membership.   And, during one of our "LIVE" Giveaways you'll also have a chance to win one of our sweepstakes. Generosity is a core belief of Row Boat, so part of the business plan includes giving back a certain portion of each product sold to our communities, our country, and our world. For each item sold as well as each membership subscription sold we donate a dollar to a specific fund we call our, "Mission Fund"  We then donate these funds to organizations around the world that share the same values and core beliefs for helping others.  

It is our hope that Row Boat's growing social media presence will be an encouragement and light to others. Life is short, so be kind to others and enjoy...whatever floats your boat!!  

Thank you, God Bless, and Happy Shopping!


The Row Boat Team

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